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Many of us are constantly thinking about portion sizes and about counting calories in order to stay slim. Healthy eating is not about limiting ourselves, eating less or depriving ourselves. Healthy eating is about eating as much as you want whenever you feel hungry but choosing the right food. You can eat fresh whole foods such as fruits, dates, greens, nuts, potatoes etc. all day long without ever being worried about calories. These calories are not the reason people gain weight.

The reason people gain weight is because they consume tons of additives, bad cholesterol, sodium, refined sugars etc. without even knowing it. Processed foods, Junk food, dairy products and meat products are what makes our body acid, sick and over weight. Obviously if that is your diet you need to keep an eye on calories.

Imagine you are cutting out all these processed foods and animal proteins, start to prepare your own food, source your ingredients locally and eat tons of fresh whole foods, you obviously won’t have to count calories ever anymore and can eat as much as you want.

That is what i believe is the biggest benefit of going vegan. That freedom of never ever again thinking about food in a way of restriction. Food should be something positive, something we enjoy and something that makes us feel nourished, happy and healthy. It is not about limiting yourself it is about choosing the right food and treating your body well.


I hope you can relate to any of this and find this blogpost helpful. 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

xx Caroline



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