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Figs are finally back in season 🙂 and i couldn’t be happier about that. Figs are one of my top 5 favourite foods ever!! I wish i had a huge fig tree in my garden :-). This is a very easy but suuuuuper yummy dish. Delicious warm country bread with a spread of coconut yoghurt and figs on top. The cool yoghurt base and the jammy consistency of the figs go sooooo well together, I couldn’t stop eating!! 🙂 Make sure to get soft, ripe figs, they are a lot sweeter.

You can also remove the skin and only use the inner part of the figs. It’s absolutely amazing both ways. So here is what you need.



  • Toast the bread
  • Spread a bit coconut yoghurt on the bread
  • Add the figs on top and ENJOY!



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Clara January 31, 2018 Reply

Hi Caroline ! When do you usually eat those kind of toast ? For lunch ? Dîner ? As bread seems to be less healthy than whole lunch of fruits and vegetables, i am afraid of gaining weight after eating toast… by the way, you are sooooo inspiring ! I love your channel and your blog

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