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Hi Lovelies :-))

As you may know already, I am the biggest fan of body scrubs!! They are one of my secret tips for a golden tan and for amazingly soft skin. Since I became vegan I also got more interested in natural skincare products and love to make my own creations. I believe that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. :-))

Even though I don’t drink coffee , it´s the core ingredient of my homemade scrub because the caffeine is boosting your metabolism and helps to reduce cellulite – winning side effect :D! :-))  Organic ground coffee also smells so heavenly and exfoliates the skin in a gentle way.

The other main ingredient is coconut oil –  THE BEST BODY OIL!!! I have been using coconut oil for years now and have never been more excited about any other skincare product. It´s so pure and natural and nourishes your skin like no other oil. Drop the body lotions and get yourself a big jar of cold pressed organic coconut oil. 🙂 Trust me it will change your life. 🙂 No more dry skin, no more skin irritations, no more allergies but instead super soft, glowing and healthy looking skin. I may sound a little over excited about coconut oil but it really is my number 1 tip for vibrant skin and a golden tan. 🙂

So let´s get to the recipe 🙂


1 cup ground organic coffee

1/2  cup melted coconut oil

1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  • Mix all the ingredients in a jar
  • Massage the scrub into dry skin starting at your legs
  • Use a bit of water if needed
  • rinse well 🙂
  • Use as often as you like 🙂

The coconut oil will leave your skin hydrated and you don’t need to apply extra oil or cream afterwards. Vanilla is my favourite fragrance and gives the scrub that extra smell which I love! 🙂

Would love to see you guys trying this recipe. 🙂

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

xx Caroline




Leah April 2, 2019 Reply

This is amazing ! Thank you soo much nice and simple. Love from Australia

Elena June 29, 2018 Reply

Thank you so much for this tip! Ive just tried it. It is amazing!!!

Marvel June 15, 2018 Reply

Ich werde es heute probieren !!!

    Caroline Deisler June 21, 2018 Reply

    Awww lass mich wissen wie dir der Scrub gefallen hat :):)

Cissy June 15, 2018 Reply

So trying this ASAP! But without the vanilla extract

    Caroline Deisler June 21, 2018 Reply

    hope you liked it:):)

Eveline May 31, 2018 Reply

Hi Carolina,

Loving the mix! Do you think you can make a batch and keep it in a glas jar for a while? 🙂


    Caroline Deisler June 21, 2018 Reply

    Hey Lovely 🙂 So glad to hear that!:) Yes, you can definitely make a batch and keep it in a closed glas:)
    xx Caroline

Jemma May 27, 2018 Reply

How do you store this and how long does it stay good? Or do you just make enough to use all at once? 🙂

Simone April 8, 2018 Reply

Hey Caroline! I’m such a big fan of you! You are quite the inspiration to stay healthy and to don’t get pushed into drinking for example. Was wondering do you ever use tannings sprays/lotions etc. to keep a healthy golden glow? Or is that all from the many beautiful locations you visit often?

    Caroline Deisler April 11, 2018 Reply

    Hi Simone

    Thank you so much!! So happy to hear that I tried tanning sprays like lovingtan and tanluxe but have always like a natural tan better and don’t use these sprays a lot. :-))

    Hope that helps!
    xx Caroline

Emma October 6, 2017 Reply

Hi Caroline, exactly what makeup and skin care products are you using right now, and in what shades for the makeup? And how about your hair routine? Do you brush it, and if so when? I’d love to follow your lifestyle and I totally agree with healthy, pure beauty choices! I saw that you did a post on skincare and makeup, but the sum of the products is unfortunately out of my price range.

Carmen September 3, 2017 Reply

I tried it for the first time today and already love the feeling of my skin.

    Caroline Deisler September 3, 2017 Reply

    Hi Carmen :-)) Aww so happy to hear that you love it too!!
    xx Caroline

@networld August 15, 2017 Reply

Love it I already use it all the time but without the vanilla extract

Maddy August 15, 2017 Reply

Caroline I’m using this as well for some time and so absolutely love it , the vanilla extract is a good idea, as I love vanilla, I always used Lavender oil till now , which also smells very good . 🙂

Julia August 15, 2017 Reply

I already do that scrub and LOVE it! I also have pretty sensitive skin so coffee is perfect!!

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