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Wapa Di Ume  is a complete DREAM!! The boutique hotel is located in the Ubud right in the middle of Bali’s amazing rice fields. I have never seen a place like it and it totally blew my mind. I discovered Wapa Di Ume a few weeks ago on Instagram and it was love at first sight. 🙂  The location is just wow!!! I love to be surrounded by nature as I always find it so peaceful and relaxing to be secluded from the buzzy areas. The air, the plantations and the whole vibe is so special,  I am not sure if I can find the right words to describe it. IT’S PURE BLISS!I really recommend staying in Ubud for a couple of nights on your next trip to Bali. 🙂 We planned to stay for 3 nights but we ended up chaining our flight and stayed for 6 nights instead. 🙂

Every morning started with a 8am Yoga Class which was the most wonderful start to the day. I love yoga, however, I don’t find myself practicing it that often when I’m in London. I usually go for a spinning or boxing class at the gym to break a good sweat. However, here in Bali Yoga seems to be the perfect thing to do and I enjoyed it so much. You start the day with a peaceful and grateful mind, ready to have an amazing day.


We stayed in a pool villa which was an absolute dream!! The room was very light and charming. Waking up, taking a swim in our private pool followed by a wonderful breakfast on the terrace is one of my favourite memories. I must say the whole team was extremely friendly and brought me unlimited fruit plates at all time. 🙂 How nice is that! I really enjoyed not having to cut up fruits three times per day myself and I miss it already!! 🙂 6 days were definitely not enough! 🙂


Bali’s fruits are pure heaven!! I have been enjoying  so many bananas, dragon fruits, mangos and papayas  that there was only little room left for other food. 🙂 However, Wapa Di Ume has an incredible restaurant and the their famous chef Mr. Wayan was pleased to create delicious vegan options for my mom and I. 🙂 For anyone who is wondering, my mom isn’t vegan but she loves to eat healthy and especially here in Bali where fruits and veggies are so appealing. Mr. Wayan’s Nasi Goring and Mi Goreng were my two favorites! Suuuuuper yummy! 🙂


I am a complete massage addict and it is one of my favorite things to do. Over the last years I have prioritized to get a massage once a week or at least once in two weeks and it’s my favourite way to treat myself. 🙂 Bali has so many beautiful spas and the best part is that they don’t cost a fortune! 🙂 The spa at Wapa has amaaazing massage therapists with magical hands. I especially loved the head & face massage! Soooo relaxing!! Aww I wish I could have one right now!

I hope I got you inspired to put Bali on top of your bucket list. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 🙂

xx Caroline





Helen April 18, 2017 Reply

Also what skincare and body products do you use?

    Caroline Deisler May 2, 2017 Reply

    Hi Helen,

    There is a post about my skincare products on my blog.:) Hope that helps! I also love to use coconut oil on my body!! 🙂

    xx Caroline

Bethany Sophie April 18, 2017 Reply

Hey Caroline
Ich beneide dich gerade sehr.
Warst du eigentlich immer schon so schlank und sportlich? Und in welchem Alter hast du begonnen dich vegan zu ernähren?
Auf jeden Fall schönen Urlaub noch!

    Caroline Deisler May 2, 2017 Reply

    Hi Bethany,
    ich war schon immer schlank aber seitdem ich vegan esse bin ich wirklich viel fitter geworden und fühl mich so wohl in meinem Körper. 🙂 Ich bin jetzt seit fast 3 Jahren vegan also seitdem ich 23 bin :).
    xx Caroline

Marta April 18, 2017 Reply

Hi ! Love your blog and YouTube channel. If I may I ‘ve few questions for you to ask
1) Must say you have a perfect body and how long did it take to shape your body on the vegan diet ?
2) I started to think about low fat raw vegan diet just for a try for about a month. I don’t want to be 100% raw later but the reason I want to try this is also weight loss. How quickly can I see results on low fat raw vegan diet? ( I know that it sounds bad but I want to feel confident of my body and I know that vegan diet will help me )
3) Do you drink juices from carton and basically what do you think about drinking juices ?

LOVE you
xx Marta

Vanessa April 16, 2017 Reply

Hi Carol!! About your amazing tan… Is that “jet bronze” or a product for tanning?

    Caroline Deisler June 23, 2017 Reply

    Hi Vanessa

    I use the products from Bali Body and also wanted to try Loving Tan but so far it has only been a natural tan:))!

    xx Caroline

Matilda April 16, 2017 Reply

Hi sweetie! Could tou write more about getting back on track after indulging and how to stick to a weight loss plan and healthy eating when you just want to grab a chocolate? How you think there? Also, your exact workout schedule for a week would be nice to read and try! Hugs!

Tanja April 15, 2017 Reply

Hey Caroline, really love your blogpost I got a question, I noticed you always have breakfast after your workout. How do you manage that? Do you think it’s a mind thing, that a lot of people think breakfast is the first thing in the morning to do? And do you think it’s better to train on an empty stomach?. In the morning I always feel like I need to eat something to have more energy or I’m afraid not to have a lot of energy when working out haha how do you manage cravings in the morning? Kisses xxx

    Caroline Deisler April 20, 2017 Reply

    Hi Tanja, thank you so much! 🙂
    Yes, i really think it is so much better to train on an empty stomach if you workout in the morning. It’s really just a habit and you will get used to it after a few weeks. You are getting much better results because your body is burning fat right away if you workout on an empty stomach, where as if you eat before it will first burn of the calories from the food and then start to burn fat. I also have much more energy that way and don’t like to have a full tummy while I’m running for example. 🙂
    Hope that helps! 🙂
    Big kiss, Caroline

Helen April 13, 2017 Reply

What hair products do you use, you hair is so pretty. Also how did you get your motivation to stay vegan, how did you not slip up. Im having trouble staying commited. Thanks, Love you Caroline

    Caroline Deisler April 20, 2017 Reply

    Hi Helen,
    thank you so much! 🙂
    i use the shampoo and conditioner from Davines. I also use coconut oil quite often and leave it in my hair over night. Coconut is such a great beauty product and makes your hair and skin sooooo soft. :-))
    My best tip to stay motivated is to eat enough healthy carbs (ca 2500 kcal per day or more) and to find vegan alternatives for the foods you love. :-))
    Big kiss, Caroline

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