Health Blogger Caroline Deisler Dishes On Her Morning Routine, Must-Follow Insta Account, And What She Actually Eats In A Day

“I love the high-carb, vegan diet.”


“Healthy people are happy people and happy people are the most beautiful & inspiring people I know,” says Caroline Deisler, the blogger behind the eponymous Instagram and site Caroline’s Choice. Through her various channels, Deisler dishes out health, wellness, nutrition, and travel advice, with a side of serious #abinspo.

We caught up with the vegan and Londoner to learn all about her everyday routine and someone her favorite things.

Born and raised: Munich

Currently living: London

Known for: Eating A LOT of fruits and dates ☺, looking for solutions rather than seeing problems, lifting people up, being happy and smiley. ☺

Your personal motto:
Be kind and be someone people like to be surrounded by.
No matter what you do in life, work hard for it! Hard work ALWAYS pays off.
Listen more and speak less.
Believe in yourself! People will believe in you when you start believing in yourself.
Never compare yourself to others. You are YOU. Be the best version of yourself and live a life that you can recommend to others.

Success is: to follow your dreams, to do what you love and to be happy with what you have. Every day is a new chance to achieve something. Enjoy the journey rather than focusing only on the goals. ☺ Happy people are successful people and the most beautiful ones in know.

Advice I would give to my 20-year-old self: worry less ☺

People are surprised that I: can eat so much. I love the high carb vegan diet and it feels so good to always eat as much as I want without ever thinking about calories. I always tell people It’s not about eating less it’s about eating right.

The biggest risk I’ve taken that actually paid off:
I moved to New York all by myself at the age of 19 to pursue a modeling career. It was my dream to travel the world and to be financially independent from my family. I had never been to America before and I didn’t know anyone in NY but I knew I could do it and I was ready to work hard for it. I knocked on every agencies door and luckily found one that believed in me. Meeting so many inspiring people and travelling to all these incredible places made me me grow up so quickly. I really got to know myself and couldn’t be more grateful for who I am today.

I’m most proud of: my willpower, my passion and my attitude to never back down. ☺

Wake up time: around 8:30

Morning ritual:
1. Drinking lots of water.
2. Responding to emails & Instagram comments.
3. Going for a morning run in Hyde Park.
4. Having a big plate of fresh fruits for breakfast.

Healthy snack that’s $$$ but worth it: Medjool dates!!! The best thing ever!!

Last thing I do before bed: checking my emails & Instagram. ☺

Guilty pleasure: Massages, Beach days, Avocado Toasts, & Vegan Dumplings. Not sure if these are guilty pleasures though. ☺

3 things vital to my day: Getting a workout in, having fresh fruits & veggies, checking Instagram!

Juice: spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger

Coffee: Nope, never started to drink coffee. ☺

Website I check

Favorite place to sweat: Equinox, Soulcycle


Bra: luluemon, Nike, Alo Yoga

Leggings: workout leggings: Alo yoga, Nike

Shoes: Rag & Bone boots, Golden goose sneakers, fun Nike shoes

Sunglasses: Celine

New season must-have: A Nick Fouquet hat. I love them! I love cute denim, a white T-shirt, white sneakers, Celine coat, Celine sunglasses and a Nick Fouquet hat.


App: Instagram, VSCO, Snapseed

Website: My blog ☺ ->

Binge watch: Big little lies, Suits, Homeland & Stranger things

Instagram stalk: Sincerely Jules, Elsas Wholesome Life, Andi Csinger

Album love: Beyonce, Yuna, The Weekend, Ed Sheeran, Drake