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Hey Lovelies 🙂

If you are wondering if JUICE FASTING is going to help you lose weight, you are right here!! 🙂

I have been on two 5 day juice cleanses in the past and have mixed feelings about their benefits. Since juice fasting got very popular over the last couple of years and many of you are unsure if a juice fast will help you lose weight, I want to tell you about my experience.

It was about 4 years ago, I was not vegan at that time and thought it would be the perfect start for a healthier lifestyle. 🙂


A juice cleanse usually means you are only drinking water, vegetable & fruit juices for a period of 1-7 days. I was living in New York at that time and juice fasting was a popular thing to do. I mainly drank water, cold pressed vegetable juices and about two 0,5l fruit juices per day.


To be honest, I felt incredibly good during the cleanse. The first day was the hardest but after that my mind cleared up and I felt so energized and efficient throughout the whole day. I suddenly had so much more time to get stuff done since I didn’t need to go grocery shopping or had to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I only needed a couple of hours sleep ever night and had an extremely awake mind. I even went to the gym couple of times during the cleanse and because I loved it so much, I continued to of it for 4 more days.

When the five days were nearly over, I started to think about what to eat once I break the fast and I suddenly started to crave EVERYTHING. On one hand I felt so good and determined to eat super healthy afterwards and on the other hand as soon as I started eating again,  I realized how hungry my body was. At least, that has been my experience. I started with usual stuff like fruits, smoothies, salads & soups but soon I was craving sweets and unhealthy carbs and ate way more than I used to eat before my juice cleanse. The worst part is that you mess up your mind and you develop an unhealthy relationship to food. If you ate nothing for 5 days, it´s hard to go back to normal portions and I kept thinking ‘I felt so good during the cleanse that maybe I should go back and do another one especially because I had lot´s of unhealthy foods and wanted to cleanse my body again.

I was missing the clarity and the energy I had during the cleanse and went on another five day juice fast. It is a cycle of starving yourself, thinking you are helping your body to detoxify and over eating afterwards which can make you pretty depressed since you felt so amazingly great during the cleanse. I gained around 5kg in the weeks after my two juice fasts and was basically lost with what kind of portions are normal again.


What I didn’t know, is what you eat after a juice cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. Your body got into a starvation mode which means your metabolism is slowing down and you are burning less calories. You will 100% lose weight on a juice fast, it´s a mix of water weight and  body fat because the body is turning fat cells into energy. However, that weight loss is in most cases only short term and as soon as you are eating again, the body is holding on to everything it gets since it doesn’t trust you anymore and doesn’t know when you will eat again. Metabolism damage is one of the negative effects of a juice cleanse and it´s a serious issue in terms of dieting and weight loss. Once you damaged your metabolism, you are more likely to gain weight and it takes a long time to reverse that.


A short half day or maximum one day juice fast can definitely help your body to eliminate toxins but I wouldn’t´t recommend to do it any longer that that. If you want to adapt a healthier lifestyle it is much more beneficial to do it slowly and  to eat an abundance of whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Let your body cleanse itself and just help him along the way. 🙂 It will take some time but the benefits (weight loss, better sleep, clearer skin, better digestion etc.) will also stay forever and not just for a few days.  🙂

I sometimes love to mainly drink water throughout the morning and to have a late breakfast around 11-12am (Intermittent fasting) that way my body gets a nice long break from food and can focus on eliminating toxins. However, I would not recommend to go on a long juice fast as you risk to damage your metabolism and will eventually gain more weight afterwards.

Aim to look for a sustainable long term diet which satisfies you every day. 🙂 A high carb vegan diet was my solution and I never felt more balanced in my life. 🙂


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