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Hi Everyone,

It´s time to give you an update about my current workout routine. 🙂 My best tip to start working out is to find an activity that you truly enjoy. 🙂 If you don’t love to go to the gym, it´s way more motivating to find an outdoor exercise that´s fun. I personally love to do a mix of workouts and am always up to try new workout spots in London. So let’s answer the three most frequently asked questions about my workout routine. 🙂

What are my favourite Workouts?

I am still the biggest fan of boxing!! It is sooooo much fun and such an amazing workout as it tones the whole body!! You are using your legs, abs and arms and get great results super quickly!!  What I also love about boxing is that I never look at the time during a class 🙂 You have to be focused nonstop which makes you forget about everything else that´s going on. If you are looking for a boxing gym in London, my favourite one is BXR in Maryleborne. 🙂

My second favourite workout is spinning. 🙂 Whenever I´m in New York I go to Soulcycle which is a super fun whole body workout on a bike.  Loud music, highly motivated riders and so much good energy is what makes Soulcycle so special!! 🙂 You basically need no motivation to go because it´s so much fun and feels like a day party! 🙂 I still haven’t found a place like that in London, that’s why I usually stick to boxing and running whenever I’m here.

Other than boxing and spinning I try to be active on a daily basis which means going for a run in Hyde Park, taking the Citi Bikes instead of the subway and going for long walks. 🙂 Running is one of the easiest workouts you can anywhere. I always take a pair of running shoes with me when I’m traveling and love to explore new places like that. 🙂

How often do I need to workout to see results? 

I have to say that there is no one way recipe that works for everyone, however, I recommend to workout at least 3 times a week. I don’t follow a strict plan but I usually workout 4- 5 times a week.  🙂 You have to be consistent in order to see results and need to make working out a habit & priority. 🙂 Exercising is essential for your overall health, puts you in a happy mood and gives your metabolism a good boost. I find it the easiest to workout in the morning so I don´t have to think about it for the rest of the day. Pre pack your gym bag the night before or lay down your running clothes so you are all ready to go the next morning. 🙂 It´s a small effort but I find it so helpful!:-)

What´s a good pre & post workout snack? 

Pre workout

If I workout in the morning,  I love to workout on an empty stomach as I have way more energy that way. Most of your body´s energy is used for digestion which means a heavy pre workout breakfast won’t give you quite the energy you expect. Green Smoothies are amazing as a pre workout drink as they digest super quickly and have lots of protein too. You find the recipe of my favourite green smoothie here. 🙂 Another great pre workout snack are fresh vegetable & fruit juices, ripe bananas, apples or dates. I am not the biggest fan of having almonds or avocado before a workout as it takes twice as long to convert fats into energy in comparison to carbs. 🙂

Post Workout

I am always suuuper hungry after my workout and can´t wait to have a big plate of fruit or medjool dates. Your body burns a lot of calories (=energy) during workouts and needs that energy back. That´s why healthy carbs like fruits, dates, potatoes, sweet potatoes are such a great post workout snack. My favorites are ripe bananas, dates. If you fancy more a cooked post workout meal I would go for a quinoa, sweet potato & broccoli salad or a cherry tomato & chickpea salad as they are high in protein too. 🙂

Hope you guys got inspired to find a workout that you love and to try a new workouts too! 🙂

If you have any question, I`m happy to answer them in the comments. :-))

xx Caroline



Khayla Dawn March 13, 2019 Reply

What time do you usually stop eating at night? If I prefer working out at night after work, around 7pm ending at 9pm, what do you recommend i do as far as post workout food? I don’t like to eat then go straight to bed. Any tips?

Ali June 4, 2018 Reply

Hi Caroline! I was wondering what brand of running shoes you like the best? Also I love your blue sneakers, what kind are they?

    Caroline Deisler June 21, 2018 Reply

    Hey Ali:) I love basics for running shoes and have been buying the same model every year for the past few years:):) My blue ones are also Asics (gel nimbus) xx Caroline

Ana April 26, 2018 Reply

Hi caroline!

Im currently living in London doing some courses at CSM, want so bad to start boxing classes, i know bxr is great but is it only for members? Or could i just pay and go? Also have you hear about or tried kobox?

Do you have fruit for dinner if you feel like eating something sweet after your salad!?

You are such an inspiration and motivation! This is my second month as plant based and im loving it, even more now that i fond your accout and discovering that eating medjool
Dates is ok and not gonna make me gain weight! I could live of eating tons of them!

Than you! Hope
You can answer!

    Caroline Deisler May 11, 2018 Reply

    Hi Ana

    Thank you so much!! So glad to hear that you love dates as much as I do:):)!! I usually have some after my dinner salad if I still crave s,mth sweet.

    BXR also has group classes where you pay for each class and don’t need to be a member. 🙂 I have never been to kobox actually but hear great things about it!:)

    Hope that helps!
    xx Caroline

Gigi March 31, 2018 Reply

Hi Caroline!

You are such an inspiration to me! On one of your recent Instagram stories you wrote a list of all of your favorite places to workout in NYC! I live in NYC so I am always looking for more fun workout classes and ideas so I was wondering if you would be able to write them out again as I forgot to take a screenshot!

I would love any ideas you have! I noticed that you wrote down SoulCycle and SLT as two of the ones you like, and those are two of my favs! I also would love to learn to box and kickbox as I have never done them before but they sound so fun!

Any and every workout place you like would be appreciated!

Xoxo Gigi

    Caroline Deisler April 11, 2018 Reply

    Hii Gigi

    Thank you sooo much☺️So happy to hear that!:-)) I LOVE NYC!! Such an uplifting and exciting city.

    Here is the list again:
    Beyond sushi
    Bar Verde
    The Butchers daughter
    Dirt Candy
    ABV V
    Blossom restaurant
    Le Botaniste
    By Chloe
    Vanessas Dumpling House
    Lu Annes wild ginger
    Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas
    Orchards Grocer
    Little chocolate apocathery
    Candle 79
    Candle Cafe
    Ono Bowls
    Chalk point kitchen
    Loving place

    Rumble Boxing
    Y7 Yoga
    Body by Simone
    Barrys Bootcamp
    Tracey Anderson
    Brooklyn Yoga Club
    Studio B at Bandier

Heidi February 18, 2018 Reply

Hi Caroline 🙂 i have been vegan for 1 month, vegetarian for 3 years. What is a high carb vegan diet? I would like to try that to see if i can feel bettet and see more results from my workout ❤ / Heidi from Norway

    Caroline Deisler February 28, 2018 Reply

    Hi Heidi

    So lovely to hear that you felt inspired to go vegan.☺️ High carb vegan basically means that the majority of your food are healthy carbs like fruits, dates, potatoes, brown rice etc. It´s a great way to feel satisfied and become leaner among fitter at the same time. I have been eating that way for about 3,5 years now, never counted calories and am the fittest I have ever been. Hope that helps!

    xx caroline

Jade January 28, 2018 Reply

Hey Caroline!

I love your posts!
I’ve always been a runner and for the past two years I’ve been on my college’s tennis team. I had knee surgery last year and now I’m finally able to do things again. However, my resting period led to some atrophy. What exercises do you do for your inner/outer thighs?

    Caroline Deisler February 12, 2018 Reply

    Hi Jade

    Thank you so much! So glad to hear that.☺️
    I love spinning and feel like its such a good workout especially for legs.

    xx Caroline

April jackson January 28, 2018 Reply

Do you follow the ‘raw till 4 diet’?

What is the recipe for the cherry tomatoes and chickpea salad?

Lots of love,

    Caroline Deisler February 12, 2018 Reply

    Hi April

    Yes, I eat raw during the day on most days but love to have a cooked warm dinner. ☺️

    I use lots of greens, 1/2 avocado for the dressing (massaged into the greens), cherry tomatoes, cooked chickpeas (salt & oil free) and add some fresh pepper and lemon juice. 🙂 super simple and delicious.

    xx Caroline

Bella Bowers January 22, 2018 Reply

Hello Caroline!

I just recently began following you and I love all of your photos and your lifestyle overall. However, I’ve been wondering; if you don’t use oil, how do you prepare sautéed or roasted veggies when you don’t eat them raw? Also, do you only use fresh herbs for spices since you don’t have salt?

Thank you!! Best,

    Caroline Deisler February 12, 2018 Reply

    Hi Bella

    Thank you so much! so happy to hear that you feel inspired.
    I love to steam my potatoes and have them plain without added salt. Keeping salt out of your diet really makes a huge difference. You will see it in your skin and body very quickly. I always buy potatoes and starches organic as they taste much better. You can also easily roast veggies on baking paper without oil and use herbs if you feel like you want to season them. 🙂

    Hope that helps!
    xx Caroline

Lucia January 16, 2018 Reply

Hi Caroline, I saw on your Instagram that you do cryotherapy. How often do you do these sessions? Does this method help you lose weight? Your body is absolutely stunning btw I aspire to look like you!

I would like to lose weight do you have any tips for me I’m trying so hard but nothing seems to work.

thanks Lucia xo

    Caroline Deisler February 12, 2018 Reply

    Hi Lucia

    Thank you so much! So glad to hear that you feel inspired. I love Cryo so much!! It helps with muscle soreness, immune systems, sleep and overall well being but it won’t necessarily make you lose weight. Have you tried the high carb vegan lifestyle? I can highly recommend it and never felt fitter and more toned.

    Hope that helps!
    xx caroline

Agnieszka October 23, 2017 Reply

Great post:)

Hannah samal September 14, 2017 Reply

When I eat huge potatoe meal I get acid reflux? You said u don’t believe in portion control? Is it ok to eat all cooked meals or should you do raw meals ? Also I get tingerling in fingers and wondering If you might know why??i was so healthy before this lifestyle and I feel like things have gotten worse,I’ve gained weight and lost my confidence . I have lower back fat and I am also ill right now like got a cough and cold .

    Caroline Deisler September 23, 2017 Reply

    Hi Hannah,

    have you tried to do a colon cleanse? It can be very powerful if you come from a different lifestyle. Your body is detoxifying and you need to help your colon to flush out toxins. I would recommend a series of 3 colonics and a raw till 4 lifestyle. This means you eat raw fruits for breakfast and lunch and have a cooked high carb meals like potatoes & green salads etc. for dinner 🙂 Cutting out oils, salt and processed foods is also important in order to feel your best:-) !

    Hope that helps!
    xx Caroline

Erin September 13, 2017 Reply

Thanks so much for the post Caroline!
How far/long do you generally run for and how often?

    Caroline Deisler September 15, 2017 Reply

    Hi Erin 🙂
    I usually run 3-4 times a week for 45min. I love to run outside and think its so great to clear your mind and get lots of fresh air 🙂
    xx Caroline

Nicola September 13, 2017 Reply

Hi Caroline, have you tried 1 Rebel in London, they are a good alternative to SoulCycle:)

    Caroline Deisler September 15, 2017 Reply

    Hi Nicola 🙂
    Aww I haven’t tried it yet because its quite far from where I live but I heard so many good things about it! Should probably give it a try!! Thank you 🙂
    xx Caroline

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