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Are you only eating fruits? This is one question i get asked all the timet!!:-) Well, I LOVE FRUITS SO MUCH and am craving fresh fruits 90% of the time.:-) Fruits are full of antioxidants and make you fit, healthy and happy! Here is a list of my favourite vegan winter foods which you will always find in my kitchen. 🙂


I loooooove Dates!!!:-) If you follow my Instagram stories you know that i am addicted to dates!:-) Medjool Dates are my favourite! I eat around 20 dates every single day and couldn’t live without them! They are so sweet and tasty! You really don’t crave any other sweets if you eat dates. If you are worried about the sugar in dates, read my post about all the benefits of dates. 🙂


Whenever they are available i buy ALL of them and sometimes eat 15-20 golden kiwis at a time. They are sooooo delicious and super high in vitamin C!! Definitely a must if you haven’t tried them yet.:-)


Sweet, ripe Pineapple is so so good!! Pineapple has a lot of enzymes as well which is great to maintain a healthy gut. Start every meal with a cup of pineapple to improve your digestion. It really works!:-)


I am addicted to melons!! They are so sweet and juicy!! 🙂 Watermelon is my favourite one but unfortunately only available during the summer. Honey melons are also so refreshing and hydrating!! They make the perfect breakfast or post workout snack as they digest so easily and are super sweet and delicious. Now during the winter season, I usually find honey melons & Sapo de Melo melons at small middle eastern supermarkets.


OMG Mango season is THE BEST. I love to have a mono meal of mangos for breakfast or lunch and usually eat then around 5 large mangos. If you can’t find good quality mangos just buy the ones you find and let them ripen at home for a couple of days. I sometimes even leave them for a week until they are super ripe and sweet. As mangos can get a bit pricy i suggest to buy them in large quantities and ask for a discount. 🙂


I love to make green smoothies and have to have a large green salad at least every two days!! For salads, I love batavia lettuce, rocket, baby spinach and chicory. I basically use all kinds of greens, lots of cherry tomatoes, 2 finely sliced zucchinis (I use a potato peeler) and 1/2 avocado + lemon juice for the dressing. It’s quite a simple salad and fits to every dinner. Eat the salad before the rest of the dinner for better digestion. 🙂


I eat tomatoes every single day! Tomatoes and cucumber are the only non sweet fruits. They don’t contain any sugar and are great source of antioxidants. My favorite ones are cherry tomatoes!! Tomatoes basically go with everything 🙂 Salads, Zucchini Noodles and Bruschetta are my top 3. 🙂 Have a look at my oil free bruschetta recipe. It really is SO SO GOOD! 🙂


I lately fell in love with zucchinis!! Sometimes you just need a new way of preparing something to discover again how much you actually like it. I love to use a potato peeler and finely slize the zucchini. That way you get super thin “zucchini pappardelle” and they are perfect for salads or zucchini noodles recipes. It’s also super convenient as you don’t need a spiralizer and we all have a potato peeler at home don’t we? 🙂


Potatoes are A DREAM. Since I am from Germany, I am the biggest potato lover!!! I’m always looking forward to have potatoes when i go home to Munich. Germany just has THE BEST POTATOES!! So creamy and delicious!! I wish they were just as good in London! 🙂 I love to have plain steamed potatoes and usually peel them either before or after steaming. They also make the perfect snack and are super easy to take away. I would recommend to always buy organic potatoes and to leave the skin on if you plan to take them with you as a snack for the next day. That way they stay fresh longer. 🙂


I used to not like avocado at all when i was younger, but I acme such a big fan since i started to use Avocado as a my salad dressing. I basically use 1/2 avocado and the fresh juice of 1 lemon and mix that into my greens. Massage the greens into the avocado until they are all slightly covered. Its a great way to eat healthy fats without using oil. It’s just so much healthier to get your fats from whole foods instead of using oil which is 100% isolated fat.

Sourdough bread/ Rye Bread 

Bread is probably my only not so healthy addiction. 🙂 I LOVE fresh sourdough bread and usually buy it from the Farmer’s market in South Kensington or from a place called “La Fromagerie” in Marylebone. For those of you who live in Munich, my favorite bread is from “Manufactum”. Seriously the best bread :-)! There is just nothing better than fresh toasted sourdough bread with slices of Avocado and some fresh lemon juice on top. My other favourite way to eat bread is to make Bruschetta. Fresh ripe tomatoes on toasted county bread is just HEAVEN!! 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and got inspired to eat more fruits & veggies here and there! 🙂  Going vegan was definitely one of the best decision ever! 🙂

xx Caroline

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