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Hey Guys 🙂

I am flying to New York this weekend and thought it would be time to share my favourite healthy spots in the city with you! 🙂 New York is such an inspiring place and I always feel so motivated and happy whenever I´m there! The energy, the people and the positive spirit is so contagious and uplifting!! I love it!! I spent a few weeks in New York this summer and have discovered some new favorite workout spots, vegan cafes and spas. That´s why I thought it´s time for a HEALTHY NYC GUIDE. 🙂  If you want to read my previous post about New York click here.


  • RUNNING! I love to go for a run on the westside highway next to the Hudson River! 🙂 It´s one of my favorite running routes!! I also love the jet leg when coming to NY – you wake up super early and are already so awake and fit that I usually start the day with a run on Hudson River. 🙂
  • Soulcycle Soulcycle is by far the best spinning class ever!! :-)) I am so obsessed with it and am always so happy to be back in NY just to go to Soulcycle! 🙂 It´s such a fun workout and makes you super toned and fit. My favorite instructors are Sam, Jaidus, and Trammel. 🙂
  • SOULD NNEX It´s a new studio concept from Soulcycle where they offer three different new workouts. I haven´t been there yet but can’t wait to try it out! 🙂
  • Studio B at Bandier It´s a super fun studio upstairs in the Bandier shop on 5th Ave and 22nd Street. I love to buy my workouts clothes at Bandier and recently discovered their workout studio! They have a range of different classes and amazing trainers!
  • Equinox When I first started working out in NY, I became a member at equinox and still love it! You find Equinox Gyms all over Manhattan which is so convenient! 🙂 My favorite classes are the boxing classes with Curtis and the Yoga classes 🙂 
  • Mendez Boxing Gym Mendez is a real boxing gym and I think only for people who are really into boxing. It´s not super fancy but has really good trainers!! I love it there! 🙂
  • Rumble Boxing Rumble is great for everyone who wants to try boxing and needs a quick intense workout. Its a 45min class combining boxing moves on the punchbag and exercises like setups, squats, burpees etc. 🙂
  • Bikram Yoga I haven´t done hot yoga in a while but I’m really keen into getting back at it. 🙂 Its such a gentle and nice way to sweat out toxins and you feel really calm and happy afterwards. The studio I like the most is ….
  • Barrys Bootcamp. Barrys workouts are great for everyone who is super fit and wants to get killer abs!! Ashley is doing my fav ab class!! 🙂
  • Dogpound  I trained at Dogpound a couple of times in the summer and loved it! You find highly motivated coaches that make you break a sweat!!! I love to try new workouts from time to time and always get some new ideas and inspiration which makes it all a bit more exciting. 🙂


I tried the Cryo therapy at Cryofuel for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it!! It is so refreshing and feels amazing. Cryo helps with many things such as inflammation, muscle soreness, sleep and it also gives your immune system an extra boost. If you are in New York and looking for a place, I highly recommend that one! Ben is super friendly and answers any questions you might have. 🙂

Here is a list with my go to places 

  • Cryofuel.  The best place for Cryotherapy and & Infrared Sauna! 🙂
  • Salon M. I love very strong massages and that places has some amazing therapists!
  • Chillhouse NYC. to be honest, I haven’t been there yet but I heard it´s amazing and their Instagram looks definitely very promising. :-))


New York has sooooo many options when it comes to healthy restaurants and the best part is, they are all so good!! You find juice shops and vegan cafes at every corner in Manhattan and I´ll probably update that list after my upcoming trip with new places. 🙂  Those are some of my current favourites 🙂

Grocery Shopping

You all know I love fruit shopping and am always searching for the best quality fruits and veggies! :-))) New York has some great places and as long as you know your way around, you won’t have any trouble finding delicious tasting fruits and veggies. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and find it helpful!! :-)) Feel free to comment your favorite healthy places in case I didn’t mention them! :-))

xx Caroline


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