Retreats by Caroline Deisler

Fitness, Yoga & Nutrition in Ibiza




4th-10th of October 2020


7 Days


10 People



I am so excited to announce that I‘ll be doing another Health & Fitness Retreat and this time we are going to spend a magical week in Ibiza.☀️

Join me for a week of workouts, eating healthy & learning everything you need to know to live a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this retreat is that you go back home and are ready to implement what you´ve learned into your daily life. Whether you want to lose weight, becomer fitter, improve your digestion, clear up your skin or eat a more balanced diet, this retreat is for YOU.💕

Relax, recharge & connect with likeminded people. You will come back stronger and ready to implement what you‘ve learned into your daily life. Think about it as a one-week vacation with likeminded people, cooking together, working out, exploring Ibiza & making new lifelong friendships that will hold you accountable on your new lifestyle. 

I got A LOT of enquires to host more retreats after posting about my first retreat in Bali, make sure to be quick if you want to secure your spot. 🙏🏼

Sending you a big hug & can’t wait to meet you all!

xx Caroline


Private Time with Me:

We will have lots of private time together throughout the whole week. I like to keep my retreats very small and personal. There are only 10 spots available which ensures that we are a close group all together. This week is all about sharing my own experience and knowledge to help you overcome any struggles you have.

Healthy Food & Cooking Classes

Eat delicious plant-based meals that make you feel your best. Learn how to make healthy green smoothies, delicious smoothie bowls, healthy treats and my favourite dinner bowls. We will prepare a lot of meals together or if you don’t feel like cooking you can just watch and learn but the key is that you come back and can incorporate what you have learned into your daily life. I want you guys to take home  as much as possible from this retreat, because that is what will help you to stay healthy LONG TERM.

Boxing, Yoga & Stretching

Fitness plays a big role in my lifestyle and I love to start the day with a good workout. It sets the right intentions for the day and makes a huge difference. Get ready for fun boxing sessions, yoga, stretching, my favourite exercises and a lovely hike! Working out together is also the best way to connect as a group, get a good sweat in and become more fit & toned.

Relaxing & Recharging

Taking time to relax and disconnect is an important part of my lifestyle. I am a big believer in prioritising a good self care routine and love to treat myself with a massage.  What makes my retreat different to a lot of others is that all additional treatments are included in the price and planned out for you. You just have to show up and everything else is taken care of. ☺️ You will get massages, experience a sound-healing journey, work on your breathing techniques and have foot massages & hot ginger tea after dinner.

Exploring Ibiza

We will explore Ibiza‘s beautiful nature, go for a morning hike and spend an afternoon by the beach. I´ll also take pictures throughout the whole week, edit them and send them to you all after the retreat.

What we take care of

Accommodation: We are staying in a stunning luxury 5 star villa, with incredible views, all shared bedrooms with an amazing eco chic natural interior style. Transportation: We will pick you up at the airport and take care of all on-site transportations. Food: All meals are included, smoothies, brunch  and dinners. Additionally, all spa treatments & excursion costs are covered and you will receive a goodie bag by Caroline.

What you are going to do

Our daily routine includes everything a healthy lifestyle demands: Fitness, Yoga, Nutritious Food & Time to Recharge. You will learn the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle as well as explore some of Ibiza´s amazing spots and connect with likeminded people.


The price for the whole Health & Fitness Retreat will be 3500 EUR.

The Most Beautiful, Blissful Week in Paradise

5.0 rating
February 25, 2020

This week in Bali with Caroline was truly the most fun and transformative, peaceful time. The small group allowed us all to get close and really get to know each other as well as spend time with Caroline. We quickly all became the best of friends despite all being from from different places all over the world. It was so refreshing being on this once of a life time experience with like minded people.
Caroline is so knowledgeable and shared it with us all week. I left the week with handfuls of guidance about how to continue my healthy, plant based lifestyle. Any questions we had about eating or lifestyle, she answered. We had delicious meals every single day that I am still craving! They left me feeling energized and grounded. Each morning we started with a workout and yoga. And the massages allowed us to release and relax.
Caroline was their to cater to what we needed and got our feedback l throughout letting us give input in what we wanna do. Caroline did not disappoint, she instead gave the best, luxurious week ever and I am eternally grateful for this amazing experience! I wish I could do it again 💕

Renuka Koritala

Summer 2020

5.0 rating
February 24, 2020

Hey Caroline! Will you be hosting additional retreats after this one?


Such an amazing and loving experience💗

5.0 rating
February 22, 2020

My sweetie ❤

As I told you in Villa Lumia Bali, it was such an amazing and loving experience with you, and together with the girls !! 😊
I’m so happy to share this moment with you, in a such beautiful, peaceful and magic place like Bali was !!! It’s one of my most memorable trip of my life …Honestly, you did it very well for your first retreat ! It was perfect !!!
You’re so kind, calm and make everybody so comfortable during this retreat…you’re so nice person and I’m so happy to know you since the beginning now…I feel so closed to your way of life
I loved all the program you planned for the 7 days : Yoga, visits, healing, restaurants, etc…All the healthy food we had every day, green shots and all the tips you gave us to stay fit. It was unbelievable my love and keep me posted if you do another retreat in Ibiza next year !
I will come to for sure And probably, I’ll be graduated in Yoga Warrior teacher – by ARIA …

Sending all my love ❤

Aurelie Chavas

Most transformational, empowering, and healing week of my life

5.0 rating
February 22, 2020

I had no expectations going into this retreat, because I really wanted to be as open minded as possible. I was so nervous flying across the globe to spend a week with ten girls who I had never met before.
I can say with my whole heart that week in Bali was one of the most transformational, empowering, and healing weeks of my life! The relationships I built with each person were so genuine. Everyone was so kind and loving.
I think everyone was nervous at first but by the end of the week everyone felt like family. Everything was amazing. Eating healthy made me feel good each day, and working out made me feel stronger and motivated to continue that particular lifestyle when I got home.
Expressing how incredible this experience was almost puts me speechless. I’m full of gratitude and so beyond thankful to have had this opportunity. Each moment was special to me. The laughs, smiles, and adventures were everything I could’ve hoped for and more!
Thank you again Caroline for a wonderful retreat, 💛

Brooke Mosier

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