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Hi Everyone ,

i recently have been traveling to Mykonos and was so amazed by this island that i decided to share my first travel blog post. Traveling has always been a big passion of mine and i thought it would be fun to update you from now on regularly about my travel experiences.  So lets start with Greece! 🙂

Mykonos is such a wonderful island with the most caring people, beautiful beaches and the cutest town. These colours just speak for themselves. 🙂

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My boyfriend and I stayed at the Mykonos Blu Hotel which is located on Psarou Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Our room had an amazing view which i couldn’t get enough of. Waking up looking over the turquoise blue ocean was just pure heaven. The hotel has such a positive and happy vibe that we could have stayed forever.



Whenever i am traveling one of my favorite things to do is to go fruit shopping. I just LOVE to see local supermarkets and to try local fruits that are in season and usually taste soooo good as they come directly from the island. I found the nicest fruit market with tons of fresh figs, grapes and melons.

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I find staying healthy on vacation so much easier when i buy lots of fruits outside the hotel as fruit plates in hotels and restaurants tend to be quite small. I went grocery shopping every second day and most of the time ordered baked oil free potatoes and salads at restaurants.

Mykonos has so many amazing beach clubs and restaurants that you have plenty to chose from. My favourite beach club was Skorpios. I just love that the beach there is still very natural and organic.  They also had a massage pavilion by the beach where i had one of the best massages ever. 🙂


Another amazing place i have to tell you about is the restaurant Spilia. It may not be the most vegan friendly restaurant but the setting is so special that i really enjoyed sitting there and enjoying a simple fruit platter which actually turned out to be quite big :-).  The restaurant is located in a small cove right next to the water, such a magical place!

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Being close to the ocean always makes me feel the happiest. The fresh air, the waves, the endless views and the bright, blue colors are so good for our body and soul that i truly believe in the quote Let the ocean be your therapy.

Back to our hotel where we spent most of the time. I really like to relax on vacation and once i found my favorite spots i don’t mind it at all to stick to my vacation routine. 🙂

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and got an impression of what my time in greece looked like :-). I can’t wait to share more travel experiences with you as i think it is so much fun to see places through different eyes. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!!

xx Caroline


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