What i eat in a day – Summer version

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Hii Everyone,

summer is by far my favorite season of the year and that has a lot to do with all the yummy fruits available during the summer months. I haven’t done a what i eat in a day post in a while so i thought it’s about time to share an updated version with you all. 

I just want to remind you that this should only be an inspiration of what you could eat and not a guideline about what you should eat in a day :-)! Everyone is different and it depends a lot on your lifestyle what and how much you should eat.

However, i hope you enjoy reading this post and let me know if you would like me to do more of these. 🙂

I have been eating FULLY RAW a lot this summer and have been feeling AMAZING doing so. A few days of eating fruits only is gonna help you with so many things, such as digestion, sleep, mental clarity and weight loss just to name a few.

My top 3 favourite summer fruits are: Watermelon, Cherries and Figs. I am sooo excited when it’s finally that time of the year and shops are selling these huge watermelons :-)! Watermelon is so hydrating, so sweet and soooo good for us. The more you eat the better 🙂

Okay so here is a typical day of what i eat:

Morning: A lot of Water 

Workout: 45 minutes run outside in the park

Breakfast: 1/2 of a Big Watermelon (which is typically 2 large bowls of watermelon)

Snack: 1 more bowl of Watermelon

Lunch: 2 Cantaloupe Melons, 1 kg of Cherries

Snack: 15 Medjool Dates

Dinner: 5 Golden Kiwis, 2 packages of figs (which is around 20 figs)

You may think wait she is missing greens, proteins etc. and you are probably right i should include some greens too, but keep in mind this is just an example of one day. 🙂





Ayla October 22, 2016 Reply

Hi Caroline 🙂
Do you ever drink coffee or tea? What are your thoughts on it, health wise?

    Caroline Deisler October 22, 2016 Reply

    Hi Ayla,
    I never drink coffee but I do drink green tea sometimes. 🙂 Try to make green smoothies in the morning and you will no longer need coffee :)) Coffee is super dehydrating and bad for a healthy gut.
    xx Caroline

Becky September 20, 2016 Reply

Hi could you give me Another example of what you eat in a day?

    Caroline Deisler September 23, 2016 Reply

    Hi Becky, i uploaded a ‘what i eat in a week’ post so you have a better image of what i eat on average :-). Hope that helps! xx Caroline

C September 14, 2016 Reply

How tall are you and what is your weight? Did you loose weight when going vegan? Thanks!

    Caroline Deisler September 18, 2016 Reply

    Hi chloe, im 1,79m tall. I never really weight myself though as i don’t think it is a good way of measuring. I didnt really lose weight when i went vegan but i can eat much more without ever gaining weight. I never restrict myself, always eat as much as i want and never count calories :-). Hope that helps! have a lovely sunday:-)

Nicole September 13, 2016 Reply

What about nuts – do you recommend them as well or how do you feel about them? Thank you!!

    Caroline Deisler September 18, 2016 Reply

    Hi Nicole,
    I think nuts are great. However, i don’t really eat them because i rarely crave nuts. I feel the best eating mostly carbs like fresh fruits, dates, potatoes etc. and have a few avocados a week for healthy fats:). If you like nuts though and you feel like your body is carving them there is no reason not to have them:-). Hope i could help! xx Caroline

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