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Hiii Everyone, 🙂

First of all i want to thank you for all the messages i relieve daily. It makes me so happy to hear that i have helped some of you to feel better and that’s all i wanted to achieve through my blog. 🙂

I am glad that you guys ask so many questions because that way i know much better what you are interested in hearing and i try to listen to that.

As a ‘what i eat in a day’ posts seem to be the most requested ones at the moment, i thought i’d share a whole week of food with you. That way you get a better idea of what i eat on average since one day can vary a lot from other days.

What i eat in a day depends a lot on how active i am and if i eat out or cook at home. Keep in mind that this should not be an accurate guideline. Listen to what YOUR BODY needs. The healthier you become the easier it will be to actually understand what your body is asking for. 🙂


Breakfast: Large fruit plate (ca. 1 honey melon, 1 cup strawberries, 1 mango, 1 pineapple) and 1 Green Juice

Lunch: 2 spotty Bananas, 3 Gold kiwis,  12 Dates

Dinner: Green Salad with 1 Bell pepper , cherry Tomatoes, 1/2 cucumber, +1/2 avocado and lemon juice for the dressing, 1 large steamed sweet potato


Breakfast: 5 spotty bananas in a smoothie with some water and 4 dates

Lunch: Large Fruit Plate: 1/2 pineapple, blueberries, rasberries, 2 peaches, 10 figs

snack: 15 Dates

Dinner: Green salad with lots of tomatoes, celery, cucumber + 1/2 baked Kabocha Squash


Breakfast: Mango mono meal (around 4-5 Mangos) and 1 Green Juice

Lunch: 15 Dates

Dinner: Simple Green Salad with lemon Juice, 6 Large Avocado ‘Toasts’ (= toasted, thick cut sourdough bread / 2-3 large avocados/ lemon, chili, tomatoes), 3 Large Bruschetta Breads


Breakfast: Green Smoothie: 1 large bunch of parsley, 1/2 cucumber, 2 leaves swiss chard, 1/2 pineapple

Lunch: 5 spotty bananas, 10 figs

Dinner: More figs, 3 peaches, 2 cantaloupe melons


Breakfast: Green Smoothie: Big handful of wild spinach, 1 peeled lemon, 3 small heads broccoli, 2 ripe bananas

Lunch: 2 cantaloupe melons, 15 figs

dinner: 10 Dates, red lentil- potato soup


Breakfast: Pineapple, peach, strawberry smoothie

Lunch: 18 Dates

snack: Big Fruit plate (Figs, kiwis, mango)

Dinner: Green vegetable curry with 12 small potatoes (instead of rice)


Breakfast: Large Fruit plate: 1/2 Pineapple, 1 papaya, 1 cantaloupe melon

Lunch: Berry Bowl: Strawberries, rasberries, blueberries,

Snack: Large Green Smoothie

Dinner: A Lot of Dim Sum at my favorite dim sum place. I usually have steamed wild mushroom dumplings, steamed vegetable dumplings, steamed garden dumplings, pan fried vegetable dumplings and several portions of all of them 🙂


Let me know if you liked this post and what you wish to see more of :-). Hope you all have a wonderful day with tons of FRUITS and EXERCISE. 🙂

xx Caroline


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