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This is one of my favourite quotes as I think it is so important to remind ourselves that we should always aim for balance, no matter what part of life we are trying to change. Extremes always have something negative and at first seem easier to follow but don´t make us happy long term.

I have been eating a healthy diet for many years before going plant based but I was always quite extreme in the way i thought about certain foods. For a long time it had been a circle of eating extremely healthy and working out a lot and then having cheat days and feeling guilty afterwards. I was still modeling at that time and basically based on what I ate I considered myself happy or unhappy.

The change definitely came when I finally decided to eat a 100% vegan. To some people eating a plant based diet seems extreme, however,  to me It´s about abundance, especially being a high carb vegan where most of your food comes from whole plant based foods like fruits, dates, greens, starches etc.. What made me really curious about that lifestyle is that people said you can always eat as much as you want without ever being restrictive again and still get in great shape.

I couldn’t feel happier and more balanced at the moment and am so grateful for that. Eating an abundance of fresh fruits, dates, potatoes and other plant based foods has such a positive impact on your mind and your body that I couldn’t imagine eating differently anymore. I think balance really is the key to happiness and that is what we all should aim for. 🙂


  • If you are already on the high carb low fat vegan lifestyle, try not to be over overly obsessed with fat. Low fat doesn´t mean no fat. 🙂 You are already eating so healthy that you shouldn’t be worried about labeling your diet and keeping detailed track about the amount of fat you consume. I truly believe that your body tells you what it needs and its a good thing to listen to that. 🙂
  • If you are not vegan and just trying to eat healthier, focus on the healthy foods you can add to your diet instead of what to cut out. Many people complain about not having the discipline of being 100% healthy all the time and the best you can do is to forget about being perfect. Don’t put that pressure on yourself and start by adding as much fresh fruits into your diet as possible. 🙂 Try to find the ripest best quality fruits available because they just taste so much better and are going to turn you into a fruit lover.  The more fresh goodness you add to your diet the better you are going to feel. 🙂
  • Try to find out where your stress comes from and eliminate these sources.
  • Workout! Go for a run, take the bicycle, try a new workout class and take a walk whenever you are feeling a bit down. It does wonders, trust me! 🙂 Everyone has bad days and it depends on us what we do with them.
  • Love yourself unconditionally. 🙂 The most beautiful people are the ones that are happy with themselves. Surround yourself with happy and balanced people as they bring more balance into your life as well. At the same time, try to be that person to other people. Spread positive energy and be someone people feel happy to be around.
  • Think day by day.  Take every day as a new chance to be a healthier and better version of yourself. Give it your best and don’t think too much about yesterday. If you had a bad day, get up the next day and be ready to kill it again. 🙂
  • Find time to rest. 🙂  Get a massage, do more yoga, meditate, sleep more and stretch.

I hope i could inspire you with these tips 🙂 Have a wonderful Day!




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