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What do you eat in a day?

My daily diet consists of mostly fruits, dates, greens, avocado,  potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, and some other veggies. I feel my best eating raw during the day and love to have green smoothies, fruits like melons/ mangos/ bananas/ figs/ dates (a lot of dates). For dinner I am craving more veggies and love to make a large green salad alongside steamed potatoes or baked squash. This is kind of my day to day diet and then I have some days where I prefer to eat different foods like Avocado on toasted sourdough/ vegan sushi/ vegan dumplings or delicious vegan curries. In general, I love to eat simple and don’t use any oils or salt when cooking at home.

How do you make sure you get enough protein?

Many people ask me how I make sure I get enough protein and I feel like the protein thing is being a big issue. We all need far less protein than we think and there has never ever been one person who had a lack of protein. Plant based protein is far better absorbable for our body and has no cholesterol & sodium like animal protein.  I never track exactly how much protein I eat and just focus on getting a good amount of dark leafy greens in every day. All fruits and vegetables contain protein and as long as you are eating a broad variety you have nothing to worry about. Have a look at my favourite vegan protein sourceshere

What are your favourite Protein sources?

My favourite vegan protein sources are: broccoli, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, potatoes and chickpeas.

What is your opinion on healthy fats like nuts and avocados?

Avocados and nuts are a great source of healthy fats. On average I consume around 6-7 avocados per week and a handful of Brazil, Cashew or Macadamia nuts. My tip is to try to listen to your body on how much fat you need. I feel my best on a low-fat diet. I still eat a good amount of fat but avoid fats like oils for example and focus on whole food like Avocados, nuts & seeds. Healthy fats are definitely necessary and low fat doesn’t mean no fat. We all have different bodies and some people crave more fats than others, find what works for you and stick to what makes you feel your best. :-))

What’s your height and weight?

I am 1,80m tall. I love to focus on how fit & energized I feel and don’t like to weigh myself as I think it´s not a good way of measuring and comparing yourself to others.We all have different bodies and weight is just a number on the scale that shouldn’t define who we are and how happy we are. Focus on the picture in the mirror and nourish your body from the inside out with an abundance of healthy foods.

What is your workout routine?

My workout routine changes from time to time. At the moment I am really into the combination of running, spinning and boxing. Running is such a good cardio workout and you can literally do it anywhere. Boxing is so much fun and tones the whole body.

I workout around 4-6 times a week depending on how busy I am and what I feel like doing. I think it is so important these days to not force yourself to workout if you don’t feel like it. Working out should be fun and enjoyable. I have days where I literally can’t wait to go to the gym and days where I don’t feel like moving at all. I think it is so important to be kind to ourselves and to not put too much pressure on us.  As soon as you start eating healthier you will be much more motivated to workout anyways. 

How did you learn to feel confident on your body?

This is a tricky question as we all have parts of our body we don’t like so much and feeling comfortable in your body really means to love yourself the way you are. To be honest being on the vegan lifestyle made me feel so comfortable because I know I take good care of my body. Eating that way and exercising regularly is an act of self love as you want to treat your body well because you love it. I became so much more confident since I am on the high carb vegan lifestyle and highly recommend everyone to try it if you are not feeling as comfortable as you wish you would.

What can I eat/ cook when going vegan?

Stock up on A LOT of fruits like bananas, dates, melons, apples, mangos and whatever is in season as those fruits are much cheaper. Also buy lots of potatoes, rice, brown rice pasta, beans, quinoa etc. to fill up your kitchen. You don’t want to find yourself in an empty kitchen craving unhealthy foods because you didn’t buy enough fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget your greens. Eat a big salad at least every 2ndday and make green smoothies on a regular basis.

Does eating fruits in large amounts make me gain weight?

I get asked this question A LOT and am wondering where this comes from!! Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest and most natural foods we can eat. Fruits do have sugar but that is GOOD, NATURAL SUGAR which is NOT THE SAME as refined sugar that is used in almost everything. Obviously, you can gain weight when you come from a low carb diet to a high carb vegan diet where the majority of calories is coming from fruits. However, this is just going be a short amount of time where your body needs to find its balance again and needs to trust you again. Don’t worry about that too much and focus and how much better and fitter you are going feel on that lifestyle. It is about so much more than just being physically skinny. Your skin will clear up, your nails and hair are getting stronger, your fitness is getting better, you cleanse your body from the inside out. All that is so much more important than maybe gaining a few kilos. Believe me you will lose that extra weight in no time and will feel better than ever.

Isn’t it bad to eat that much fruit sugar?

I also get this question A LOT and mostly from people who are used to eat a lot of proteins and fats and very little sugar. Fruits are the most natural source of food that we can eat and the sugar in fruits comes along with water, fibre, vitamins and other minerals which means the sugar is slowly entering the bloodstream while the fruit is being digested. This results in low insulin levels which is essential for good health. Your body needs that sugar to function properly and to have enough energy. Have you ever seen someone on a low carb diet who is happy and full of energy? I haven’t!

Is fruit sugar bad at night?

If you have been eaten cooked food during the day it is better to stick to cooked food at night instead of having fruits at night. This will prevent bloating as raw fruits digest much quicker than any cooked food. Better start your day with fruits and eat as much fruits as you want before having cooked food. The raw till 4 lifestyle works really well for people because you have a warm hearty dinner while aiming for optimum digestion as you eat fruit only during the day. Just make sure you eat enough fruits during the day so you are not craving any after dinner.

How much water do you drink daily?

I drink around 3 liters of waters on an average day. Sometimes more when I worked out a lot.

Do you drink coffee?

I don’t drink coffee. I never started to drink it when I was younger and I don’t feel like I need it for energy reasons. Green Smoothies are a great pick me up drink! 

Do you drink alcohol?

I don’t drink alcohol. I had a few drinks before I was 17 but then stopped because I started to travel alone for modeling. I didn’t like the feeling of not being in control of a situation and have just as much fun without drinking. I have always been a fan of living a healthy lifestyle and drinking just never seemed like a good idea.

Any tips for people who are struggling to keep up with that lifestyle?

Find a community, find friends who are going on that lifestyle with you. There is nothing more motivating than doing this together and inspiring each other to get healthier, fitter and happier.

Any tips on what to eat to get more toned?

Do cardio. Cardio is so effective and so important for good health. You get your heart pumping, your skin glowing and will lose body fat. Also, eat more healthy carbs and fewer proteins.

How can I get rid of bloating?

Keep an eye on proper food combing. Don’t eat raw fruits and vegetables after cooked food. Drink more water. Do a proper colon cleanse which usually consists of 3-6 colonics depending on how unhealthy you have been living.

I’m constantly starving during the day and then binging on everything at night. What can I do?

Have breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t skip meals. Ideally, have a large smoothie or fruit plate for breakfast, prepare a green smoothie, bananas or dates to take with you so you have a healthy option in case you can’t find a healthy lunch option. Have a high carb dinner and don´t go to bed hungry.

How can I lose weight on this lifestyle?

Going on that lifestyle will make you lose weight naturally (unless you are coming from an eating disorder). Leaving out all the processed junk food, refined sugar, animal proteins and fats will automatically make you lose weight. Eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible as these are the healthiest options. Cut out the salt and any oils, fried stuff and focus on fresh whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice, avocados etc.

How can I avoid sweet cravings and unhealthy foods?

Fill your kitchen with tons of healthy foods (box of bananas, a box of dates, potatoes, rice, staple foods such as lentils, beans, nuts, etc. so you always have a healthy option. You eat whatever you have at home so make sure you only have good food at home! 

If you have a big sweet tooth then look for healthy alternatives that you like. Medjool dates are in my opinion THE BEST SWEET SNACK and so so healthy too. :-))

Are you supplementing vitamin B12?

Yes, I am!I recommend you get your blood tested and supplement Vitamin B12 in case you have an insufficiency.

Does going vegan help cure my acne?

YES! Cutting out dairy products will help you so much with getting rid of acne. Give it a try for a few weeks and you will see a major difference!! Again the more fresh fruits and vegetables (especially dark leafy greens/ green smoothies) the better!

How do you stay motivated?

My Blog, Instagram and Youtube always keep me motivated as I love to inspire others to live healthier as well. I am always so happy to hear when people feel better, fitter and happier due to finding my Instagram and trying out the vegan diet. That is the reason I am doing this!!:-)) I also love to treat my body well and feel so at ease with myself since being vegan.

What kind of nutrition studies did you do?

I did a 16-month nutrition course at “Akademie der Naturheilkunde”  and am now studying Business in London atRegent’s University.

How do you afford to travel so much?

I spend a lot of my money and savings on travelling because that is what I enjoy the most. Healthy food, fitness and travelling are my biggest passions and I am so happy that I have the chance to work with hotels through my Instagram as well.

Are you taking the birth control pill? What are your thoughts on it?

I have been taking the contraceptive pill for 8 years from when I was 16 years on with a 6-month break when I was 22. My skin got really bad after I stopped taking it and I had no choice than taking it again because I was still modeling at that time. After being vegan for a year I thought it was about time to finally stop taking the pill for good. Luckily being vegan has helped me so much with my skin and I didn’t get any bad breakout as I did the first time.

Can you give me tips for getting back my period?

Increasing your fat intake can help, you need to be at a healthy body weight to actually be able to get your period. Decreasing stress in your life/ Taking natural remedies like Endopath F from Energetix. Your body is trying to protect you and thinks you are not capable of having a baby if you don’t get your period. Think about all aspects of your life and try to make your body feel as comfortable as possible.

How many calories do you consume daily?

I eat around 2500 kcal a day.

Are there any things I need to be careful about when going vegan?

Make sure you eat enough greens. Leafy greens provide you with minerals, proteins, vitamins and give you lots of energy. The best way to “eat” them is to make green smoothies. Have look at myfavorite green smoothie recipe. Other than that make sure that you eat enough healthy carbs like bananas, dates, melons, mangos, apples, potatoes, etc. This will prevent you from having bad food cravings.

How much time do you spend on Instagram?

I spend around 3 hours per day on social media, responding to messages and comments. I try not to spend too much time on my phone which is quite hard since my work is mostly all on my phone but I do try to be present and in the moment.

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