My workouts are Cardio Pilates inspired, give you amazing results and are 100% stress free! :-)

My Workout Philosophy

I am all about getting toned, lean, not bulky while enjoying every single moment of the workout. I want my workouts to be your ME TIME of the day where you take a little moment to slow your busy mind down and check in with yourself. Trust me, a simple habit like that is SO powerful and will transform your life. I always consider my workouts a treat because real treats MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD aaand we do it all with a big smile. No rush, no stress and amazing results. My workouts are the perfect mix of pilates, strength, cardio and stretching to sweat it all, enjoyyyy the burn and get into your best shape without feeling stressed. :)


My workouts are literally for EVERYONE. No matter if you have been working out for years but feel stuck not seeing results or you are a total beginner. Everyone is welcome and I have workouts that cater every stage of your life. Whether you need a slow start to the day with one of my morning flows, an intense ab workout (they are SO Good), want to train your legs to get lean, long and toned legs (not bulky!!) or prefer a full body workout. I have over 200 workouts which will get you into your best shape, physically AND mentally.


Before the pandemic I used to only do HIIT workouts, spinning classes, boxing and was going for runs every week. I thought if I wasn’t drenched in sweat, it wasn't an effective workout. Lockdown hit and I started doing my own home workouts: a mix of all the exercises I have found most effective over the years of training but without the stressful environment, a screaming instructors, timers ticking and feeling rushed. The best part about my workouts is that I don't feel irritated, exhausted or stressed afterwards. In fact, I feel exactly like I aways felt after doing yoga: relaxed, grounded, happy, calm and energised but my workouts are more than yoga. A few months after following our workout plans with no extra cardio except a daily long walk, I was leaner than ever, felt more balanced and looked less puffy + I didnt have these extreme hunger cures which I always had from doing Hiit workouts. I would literally be hungry all day and never felt I was full or just kept eating and then feeling like I had to workout even harder the next day. My workouts make me feel so at ease that I naturally got even more in tune with my intuition, my appetite and just everything including my hormones got more balanced. Two years later, more than 500 workout pans, thousands of happy girls who are working out with me daily and so many amazing success stories later, I am so glad we are here FEELING OUR BEST TOGETHER.