Ever since I first turned vegan, I ate an abundance of fresh whole foods and avoided any processed foods. Vegan doesn't automatically mean healthy and I am here to show you how to keep things simple, go back to the basics and not overcomplicate eating healthy.

I am all about PURE HEALTH and living a happier, more balanced life through a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Through my reset meal plans and recipes, you will naturally detox your body, lose unnecessary body fat, get glowing skin, amazing digestion and most importantly become the happiest and healthiest version of you.

My Food Philosophy has remained the same over the years: no refined sugar, no gluten and no oil. I like to keep my all recipes super quick and easy to make using simple ingredients which makes them perfect for every day. The best part about my recipes is that you can always eat until you are fully satisfied and never have to restrict yourself!! How amazing is that?! Yep and you’re getting into the best shape of your life while enjoying your meals to the fullest! This is your journey to becoming the best version of yourself and I am here to guide you through it every step of the way!

Optimal Digestion, Glowing Skin, Fit and Toned Body, Maximum Energy and Zero Cravings

Over the past year, I really got into the absolute best routine of eating light to heavy for optimal digestion, glowing skin, a fit and toned body, maximum energy and zero cravings. This is why I created my first 10 Day Body Reset in the summer of 2021 and the feedback has been incredible. Now, a year later we have four delicious 10 day reset meal plans and many more to come. I love giving you guys an exact plan to follow to make your healthy lifestyle journey as easy as possible. Although we all want the perfect toned summer body, it’s not all about how we physically look, it’s more about how happy, fit and balanced we are. Healthy people are happy people and happy people are the most beautiful & inspiring people out there.

Healthy people are happy people

My reset meal plans will help you lose weight BUT we aim for health, not for weight loss. I know many women are searching for the perfect diet to lose weight, but I think it is so much more effective to focus on gaining health through nourishing our bodies with the freshest ingredients rather than focusing on losing weight. The weight loss is going to come naturally anyway. See it as a positive side effect of eating this way. Leaving out meat, dairy products and processed foods will automatically make you fit, lean and healthy! :-)

When I first came across this lifestyle I didn’t think about being vegan or giving my diet any kind of label. I was just so attracted by all the beautiful looking fruits that I naturally wanted to eat them all the time. They made me feel great, cleared up my skin, improved my digestion and gave me so much energy. I knew I was doing the right thing for my body and gaining the nutritional knowledge behind it was the last push I needed to understand why we literally are what we eat.

Each little improvement is worth celebrating

It is so important to remember where our food comes from and that the less processed the better. The sugar found in fruits is the healthiest source of energy for us and is doing us nothing but good so there is no reason why you should ever limit your fruit intake.

These simple guidelines are pretty much what healthy eating is all about. It doesn’t mean you have to do it 100% all the time. For some people cutting out dairy a few days a week is a great start, for others, daily green smoothies are all they need for now and for some, making my snickers & co from Sweet Vegan is curing their sugar cravings. We all are on different journeys and each little improvement is worth celebrating.

My best advice is to try things before you form an opinion. You may not even know how GOOD YOU CAN FEEL. Give it a go and see for yourself. It all starts with food but the benefits you’ll experience down the line are far greater than that. In the end, what we eat is such a small part but it will positively impact every other area in life in a huge way: Your relationships, your happiness, your success! Ultimately people are drawn to positive people, they want to be surrounded by happy people and by people that have the spark. You are one step closer to being one of them! LET'S DO IT!

Sending you a big hug, lots of love and positive vibes,

xx Caroline

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