10 Day Raw Vegan Reset


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Eating raw seems quite unattainable for most people and I wanted to give you a meal plan that makes it so easy and delicious that you almost forget you are eating fully raw! This is the perfect reset to do in between my other reset meal plans as it will give your body that extra extra glow!! I don’t think you have to, or should eat raw all year round but 10 days is literally such a great RESET for your body, digestion and mental wellbeing. Nurturing your body with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables will make you feel so alive, vibrant and in tune with nature. Your digestion will be on fire, you’re helping your body to release any toxins and you can easily lose some extra body fat. My recipes, unlike most other raw vegan recipes out there, are still low in fat which makes a massive difference to your digestion, energy and cravings. You are still eating a good amount of healthy fats but I prefer to keep it on the lower end of the spectrum. You can also totally follow this meal plan during pregnancy (HEALTHY MAMA HEALTHY BABY), do keep in mind though to add extra snacks from my other recipe ebooks Sweet Vegan or Sweet Easter to make sure you are getting those extra needed calories in. I can’t wait to see you all thrive on this plan!! Sending you the biggest hug!! xx Caroline

Oil, Gluten, Sugar free

Weight loss



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Cleanse and reset your body with simple, healthy and nourishing meals that are so delicious and satisfying. The ultimate 10 day detox to do in between my other reset meal plans for that little extra mile of feeling incredibly healthy. A few positive side effects you’ll experience: Getting into your Best Shape, Feeling Satisfied, No more cravings, More Energy, Better Digestion, No Bloating, Clearer Skin, Weight loss, Better Sleep, Mental Clarity, Vitality & Emotional Balance.