10 Day Spring Reset


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Hello Spring!! The time where everyone wants to get summer ready!☀️ I got you covered! My 10 Day Spring Reset will help you to detox your body, have more energy, improve your digestion, have zero cravings, sleep better, clear up your skin and lose some winter pounds. The perfect reset that doesn’t feel like a diet or anything restrictive yet it will get you in the best shape, both physically AND mentally. That’s exactly why I LOVE this lifestyle so much and have been eating this way for almost 8 years now. Most people don’t actually know how good they can feel! 🥳 Let me guide you through these 10 days and you’ll see for yourself. 💥👙🍌 We can all benefit from a little reset sometimes and there is no better time than Spring to do it!


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What's included

35+ healthy vegan recipes
Bloating & Digestion Tips
Nutrition & Lifestyle tips
Weight loss tips
Shopping lists
Daily checklist
Detox water
CARO Dressing


The Detox that doesn’t Feel like a Detox, A Meal Plan to get into your Best Shape, Feeling Satisfied, No more cravings, More Energy, Better Digestion, No Bloating, Clearer Skin, Weight loss, Better Sleep, Mental Clarity, Vitality & Emotional Balance