21 Day Vegan Reset


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I am so excited to bring you my 21 Day Vegan Reset MEAL PLAN!! Perfect for those who want to get back on track & for those who want to start a vegan diet💥💪🏼🌱 👙 This plan is exactly the way I eat and exercise. It’s a mix of all my favorite recipes + a few exclusive new ones and you have the option to practice intermittent fasting like I do or have 3 meals a day. I also linked a workout from my Instagram for every day of the week and gave you a few daily self-care recommendations that you can do at home.


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Weight loss



What's included

63 healthy vegan recipes
Shopping list for each week
Daily checklist
Workout schedule
Daily self care tips


Clearer Skin, Weight loss, Better Sleep, Increased Energy, Better Digestion, Improved Physical Health, Increased Brain Function, Improved Emotional Health, Longevity, Vitality