Vegan Christmas


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Merry Christmas Everyone! Why did I write this book? Because, real treats are the ones that make you FEEL GOOD inside out and this is exactly what these recipes will do for you. Most so called treats don’t actually do that, they give you an instant gratification but don´t REALLY make you feel good long term. With this ebook, you no longer have to fear the holidays because of all the sweets that you feel tempted to eat (we have all been there haha) and you can fully relax and ENJOY this time. This book has no weight loss tips like my 10 day body resets do but it helps you get in shape just by eating those delicious healthy foods instead of the usual go to christmas sweets.


Sugar free

Oil free

Gluten free


What's included

61+ Healthy Vegan Christmas Recipes
Sweet Christmas
Savoury Christmas
Holiday Drinks
Christmas Menu Ideas
Lifestyle Tips & My Story


A Healthy Menu to Celebrate The Holidays, Recipe Ideas to Share With Your Family and Friends, More Energy, Better Digestion, Less Cravings, Clearer Skin, Weight loss, Better Sleep, Mental Clarity, Vitality & Emotional Balance